About Us

1ballsports is family owned and operated apparel and sportswear company.  The idea of the concept for the company was originated at the dinner table, which is mandatory for our family between football, baseball and basketball practices and games and golf lessons.  During this time, we re-introduce ourselves, take a deep breath, relax and discuss the events that are going on in our lives.  With three sons heavily involved in sports, a toddler ready to play and a husband who coaches, these dinner table conversations were obviously sports dominated.  In addition to the dinner table conversations, much of our material came while shuttling the boys from event to event and listening to their friends and themselves discussing their perspectives of these events.  The laughter and enthusiasm that ensued throughout these conversations were often entertaining enough that we felt the need to share them with the public.  
The "language of sports" often has a unique and sometimes whimsical quality that takes on a personality of its own. Having the oddity of this language discussed through the views of a forty year old down to a two year old is about as diverse as it gets.  While the four different sports we represent with our attitude t-shirts symbolize the activities in which our four boys are most heavily involved, we certainly endorse the participation in all of the various sports.  The 1 Ball concept is based on the ideology that each of these sports only requires 1 Ball at a time; however, our stance is 1 Ball....play em all.